Closed chocks

JIS F2005-1975


Model type: JIS F 2005-1975 closed chock
Material: Cast steel
Nominal Size: 100mm~200mm,250mm~500mm
Weight: 3.7kg~24kg,48kg~232kg
Standard: JIS F2005-1975
Certificate: CCS, DNV, ABS, BV, LR, etc
The labeled sample: Type 100mm of closed chocks: 100 JIS F2005-1975 Closed chock is one form of mooring chock which used to guide the mooring ropes. JIS F2005-1975 closed chocks is made according to marine standard of Japanese Standard Association. JIS F-2005 is made of cast steel. Its surface is galvanized, polished and painted to be smooth, which can reduce the friction of the rope. We can also produce the customized chocks for your specific need. If you’re interested in our mooring chocks, please feel free to contact us.
Weight Type A B C D E
3.7 100 100 170 76 141 60
10.5 150 150 250 110 205 90
24.0 200 200 340 150 280 120