A number of mud pipe support 、electric outfitting and other marine equipment with a smooth hair to Nantong
August 10, 2016
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September 3, 2016
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Mooring equipment

In addition to mooring rope,mooring equipment is also composed of the cable installation,fairlead installation, mooring machinery,cable car and ancillary equipment,etc…The arrangement of mooring equipment is indicated.

1.Mooring equipment

Cable installation

Ship end floor and midship starboard deck and other parts with bollards for cable,used to fasten the cable end. The force of the bollard is very large ,the requirement of the base must be very firm, the deck around the bollards need to be strengthened. Some of the bollards are made of cast,and some are welded with steel plates.
The bollards have a lot of types,like single column、double column、single cross 、double cross、inclined bollards and cleats etc…Large and medium ships mostly adopt double columns.

Fairlead installation

The fore and aft and two sides are equipped with fairlead installation,to enable the cable rope in a certain direction from the inboard toward outboard approach to dock,or other cable location,limiting the position offset and reduce the wear of cable rope and shipboard,to avoid the stress caused by sharp bends. Common here:
(1)Mooring hole
(2)Fairlead roller
(4)Fairlead with horizontal roller
(5)Anchor fairleader

Warping winch

1.Warping winch also known as mooring winch,mainly used to twist the rope.
2.According to the power source ,the warping winch is divided into electric winch and hydraulic winch,some of the oil tanker also used the steam winch.
3.According to the axial direction of the drum,can be divided into horizontal and vertical warping winch
4.The drum of the ordinary warping winch is driven by the motor after the deceleration,the deck with a large occupied area.
5.The vertical warping winch also known as mooring winch,because of the power device is generally located in the below deck,so a small area occupied by the deck,and conductive to the protection of the machine.
6.Automatic tension warping winch,full name is automatic tension adjustment winch.
When the tension reaches the original value,the pressure value is automatically opened,most of the pressure oil flow to the tank L,a small amount of oil into the hydraulic motor to add the amount of leakage of oil,so that the drum stops rotating. When the mooring tension is greater than the hydraulic fluid brake force,mooring rope will boost motor reversal,the cable rope loose

The types and functions of the cable car and ancillary equipment.

1.Cable car
2.Chain cable
3.Heaving line
5.Rat guard
6.Throwing line apparatus.

2.Inspection and maintenance and usage notes of mooring equipment.

Inspection and maintenance
Usually should always check the cable wear,corrosion and broken wires condition,and check the heaving line,fender and rat guard is complete,the damage such as damaged or lost,shall be timely for new additions.
Each voyage,should check whether the deck eye ring corrosion and wear,and whether the chain is deformed. Corrosive the wear,and should be timely derusting and painting,severe wear deformation should be replaced with new.
Each quarter,should check the warping winch and cable car,including its shell foot bolt and the bracket corrosion,the damage 、wear and corrosion of the drum,the watertight of the steering controller,whether the rotation of the part is light and flexible,the brake and clutch is feasible and portable,and lubrication,make the wear record. If equipped with automatic tension warping winch,should check its effectiveness.
Each quarter,should check the corrosion and filament breakage of the steel wire rope,and the oil condition of the internal core rope Ma .
To check the wear of plant fiber cable,whether the strand has mildew;On the synthetic fiber cable to check the appearance of wear and thickness
Every half year,to check the bollards ,mooring hole,chock , fairlead with horizontal roller and rope storage reel of the corrosion and wear,whether there are cracks,roller is adjustable,check and record the foot rusty and skids of decay,the rotating parts should be periodically refueling,and make their records.
To check the warping winch after repair,the operation should be tested 1-2h,and determination of speed and tension load,winch speed can be up to 15m/min,the mooring tension should be can reach about 75 percent of the configuration of the mooring rope breaking force, in the course of the experiment also test the brake and overload protection device.

Usage notes

1.Chemical fiber rope usage notes
(1)Can not overload use
(2)Avoid wear
(3)Proper use and storage
2.Wire rope usage notes
(1)Avoid wear
(2)Avoid twisting deformation
(3)Prevent corrosion
(4)Should be properly used
(5)After running out,the wire rope should be tidy and put on the cable car,cover the waterproof cover.
3.Other matters to be noted
(1) Winch speed to obey the command,should pay attention to the dynamic,not hard twist or a sudden increase in the power of mooring winch.
(2)In the use of stopper,should use the same material with the cable rope.
(3) Cable rope should be cleaned and timely solve kink,to prevent mutual involution,the unused cable rope should be coll up,the wire rope is rolled on the cable car.
(4) Personnel standing position should be appropriate, do not stand on the cable in the circle or feet across the cable,the operation should concentrate ,not near the cable tension.
(5)Cable and equipment should be prepared.
(6)Operator should wear gloves,safety helmets,work shoes and other protective equipment,the operation should be rapid and agile,to prevent the hand.
(7)Pay attention to the correct method of set bollards when two or more cable ropes on the same boat on the bollards or shore bollards at the same time.