water mist separator

Blade type fog separator we specialize in high speed, low pressure drop. Fog separator can remove the flowing gas or steam water.
The specially designed blade or airfoil assembly is formed in the device like a guard whistle.
Because the gases flow neatly between the blades, their unique shapes allow the gas to be forced back. The droplet flowing to the bottom of the blade by the effect of gravity on the blade.
To avoid "water overflow" between the blades andtwo attached attachments that may appear,the blade height of fog separator is not more than 3000mm.

Process schematic diagram



High efficiency separation   It can easily split through the mist eliminator. The inertial force of the droplet impacted on the airfoil wall, and the droplets were collected and discharged at the low speed gas protection zone.
Cross flow emission    In the air of 90 degrees flying to collect the liquid to a minimum and allows faster speed.
Generality    Various structures to suit the special needs of all kinds of use
Low resistance coefficient High overall efficiency and no extra pressure drop at high speed
Easy to update     The mist eliminator is easy to replace a lot of original equipment
Low maintainability     The module is easy to clean, even during the system operation.
A variety of materials     Complete assembly
Large wind speed range
Low operating cost


Any ship or offshore platform imported gas water and salt fog corrosion is the main source of corrosion, When salt fog is especially serious, even fresh water mist can cause corrosion.It will increase maintenance work, possible damage to machines, equipment accessories and equipments.
Before installed on the ship or offshore platform the fog separator as a function module of equipment. Our custom-made design and manufacturing group can ensure that the equipment is suitable for various air blowholes on the ship. The system can be used both in the ventilation of the machine room and in the natural ventilation place to ensure that the air in the ship is not corrosiveness.
Marine fog separator designed to operate at low pressure drop, which can ensure the air flow will not be over constrained, machines and equipment will not be lack of air. It is the best choice to resist the water spatter, the waves, the water vapor, and the droplets outside the ventilation system.