SP-YJ type water mist separator


Maximum design upwind speed
No Instruction Material Note
1 Full welding of filter shell Stainless steel  
2 Liquid drop eliminator-assembly 1 Stainless steel/Aluminium alloy Aluminum alloy for corrosion resistant and high tensile profile
3 Filter component 2:Box filter system 600*600*100(W*H*D) Synthetic fiber Thin foggy felt:EV4 separation efficiency:90% Average weight efficiency:90%
4 Filter component 3:The assembly is installed in the part of the serial number 3 Synthetic fiber The same as the number 3 Thin foggy felt average weight efficiency:90%
5 Drains at the bottom of the filter shell Stainless steel Vertical tube
Thin foggy felt:Designed for the capture of mist and dust in the ventilation system.