SP-YD type water mist separator


SP-YD is a installed snow and water drop separator, which can be used as an air inlet device under cold weather conditions. This device can prevent all kinds of snow particles and rainwater, so it can prevent the blockage caused by ice in the air intake. The SP-YD separator is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, and has a wide range of uses.After configuration, it can reflect different performance, apply to different installation places, and provide a cost-effective solution.


The SP-YD is made up of a separator and a control device.
The separator is made up of a heated vertical blade. Once the trapped snow and hail particles are gathered on the heated surface, they can be purified and melted. The melted particles are driven down by gravity through the heating outlet.
According to different uses, the control device can be loaded into combined switches, sensors and other electrical components.The control device is installed as an independent part near the separator. A single device can control multiple separators as long as it is in the same location.


The minimum droplet size that can be completely separated in a specific speed and operating environment. It is a manifestation of the performanceof the blade.
The chart shows that the limit of the water droplet size is 20 ℃ and a atmospheric pressure environment.
The pressure loss is measured under a series of ideal states of blade combination at 20 ℃ and a atmospheric pressure.

Liquid load

The maximum liquid load will be noted in each project

Electrical data and control options

Power Supply

This device requires a three-phase 380 volt or a AC220 volt power supply.For large devices, it is suggested that three phase 380 volts be used.

Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor can measure the ambient air temperature.
The sensor should be installed near the separator,The temperature sensor cable is up to 3000mm.

Heating amount

Different electrodynamics can be selected between 2.3KW/m2 and 5.8KW/m2 according to the requirements of the ambient temperature and the characteristics of the ice. SP-YD's snowmelt ability is determined by a variety of factors, especially when it is snowy.

Control device

The control device is switched on and the power is open only when it is needed. For the known ambient air temperature, the pressure loss under the maximum wind speed is given in the chart. This device provides multiple control options.