SP-Y type water mist separator

specifications and models

performance curve

SP-Y type water mist separator1
The size of the limit water droplet is a major performance index of the blade. It refers to the size of the smallest water droplet that can be completely separated under the corresponding wind speed and operating conditions.
The diagram shows the limit of the size of the water droplets in the air / water system calculated at 20℃ and a standard atmospheric pressure.
SP-Y type water mist separator2
The pressure drop can be measured under the environmental conditions (20 C, 1 bar), through a large number of blade combinations with different blade spacing and in the ideal state.
SP-Y type water mist separator3
The percentage of water droplets that are less than the size of the limit water droplets that can be removed from the air flow under the corresponding wind speed called classification efficiency.
SP-Y type water mist separator4
Note: The above performance is measured in an ideal state of 30 mm blade spacing.