SP-S type water mist separator


Anticorrosive fog separator is designed for marine inlet,any ship or offshore platform imported gas water and salt fog corrosion is the main source of corrosion, When salt fog is especially serious, even fresh water mist can cause corrosion.It will increase maintenance work, possible damage to machines, equipment accessories and equipments.
Before installed on the ship or offshore platform the fog separator as a function module of equipment. Our custom-made design and manufacturing group can ensure that the equipment is suitable for various air blowholes on the ship. The system can be used both in the ventilation of the machine room and in the natural ventilation place to ensure that the air in the ship is not corrosiveness.

SP-SA type

Efficient rectangular bulkhead fog separator.
The profiles are made of pressure resistant, high strength tensile aluminum alloy.
An order can be provided on the basis of special needs
SP-S type water mist separator1
SP-S type water mist separator2

SP-SB type

SP-SB type1
Efficient rectangular bulkhead fog separator
The profiles are made of salt resistant and high strength tensile aluminum alloy
Flat roof type fog separator equipped with neoprene gasket, connected by hinges, lock nut.
The bottom side is locked with the nut (manual operation).
There are different sizes to be chosen according to the requirements ,and can also be customized.
SP-SB type2

Performance curve